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Austin Trauma Therapy and Anxiety Treatment

Get the help you've been looking for.

If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, afraid or isolated in important relationships, or distant from your passions, your feelings, your life, or yourself, you've come to the right place.


You may feel trapped in a cycle—like you are stuck in a loop of the same uncomfortable emotions, thoughts, sensations, and memories. You try to cope with these feelings but the coping only temporarily soothes the discomfort.

You can feel safe in your own skin.

Anxiety and trauma seize control of your body and brain, teaching you that you are not safe in your body, your relationships, or your relationship with yourself. They can even take away your belief that it is possible to get your needs met.

With the right help, you can rewire your nervous system's responses, end the cycle of trauma and anxiety, and foster true safety in your body and mind.

Therapy is a healing experience focused on you.

You deserve peace from your pain. Therapy is a space to be heard and a healing experience that can change how you think, feel, sense, and relate to yourself and others. True peace is possible, and I believe you can have it.

You are ready for change.

You arrived here because you want to heal your inner world. Together, we can turn that drive for change into lasting relief from the loneliness, fear, and exhaustion of anxiety and trauma. It is time to give yourself that gift.

Meet Michael
Anxiety and Trauma Therapist in Austin, TX

I'm Michael Germany, a trauma and anxiety specialist in Austin, TX. I help my clients to establish deep healing relationships with themselves after traumatic experiences or persistent anxiety have left them feeling isolated, stuck, and hurting. My clients come to me because they feel scared to be vulnerable in relationships, they are struggling with overwhelming and difficult feelings, or they are trapped in a pattern of avoiding pain instead of living a life of meaning, purpose, and connection.

I believe that therapy is, at its best, both a conversation and an immersive healing experience. The true healing stems from the deep connection between the therapist and the client and, more importantly, between the client and the vulnerable, hurting parts of themselves. As a therapist I am real, caring, and attentive, but my most valuable skill—developed through intentional training and therapeutic experience—is my ability to help clients to connect intuitively to the parts of them that are in pain and safely heal those parts at the right pace.

My clients often leave their first session feeling like they have gained a new way of looking at themselves, their emotions, and how they can foster change. Over the course of our work, many clients grow to experience their inner world in a way that feels profoundly different than when we began, leaving them with a sense of trust in their ability to not just cope with their lives but to truly heal from trauma and anxiety and build a life of connection. If you are ready to begin a process of healing that can foster genuine peace and lasting self-compassion, let's get started.

Michael Germany Trauma Therapist in Austin

Michael Germany, LPC-A, NCC, MA

Supervised by Dr. Sunny Lansdale, LPC-S

Ready for a Change?

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Counseling and Psychotherapy in Austin, Texas


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