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Meet your Therapist

Michael Germany, LPC-A, NCC, MA

Supervised by Dr. Sunny Lansdale, LPC-S


Hello! I'm Michael, a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Austin, Texas.


I provide individual and group therapy for those who are struggling with anxiety, trauma-related issues, depression, perfectionism, stress and coping, relationship issues, life transitions, and identity exploration, among other concerns. I also provide couples counseling to help couples understand and honor each other's internal experiences and relational needs.

As a rule, I approach each client with a sense of openness, acceptance, and respect for their goals and values. Keep scrolling to read about my approach below. You can also learn more about me here or reach out at (512) 368-8763 or

Let's get started.

The Crossroad Psychotherapy Approach

Throughout much of the history of psychotherapy, mental health concerns have been viewed as an illness in need of curing. However, a growing body of research demonstrates that most mental health conditions and their symptoms are actually the nervous system's way of adapting to difficult experiences to help us survive. The problem is that our bodies stay stuck in that survival mode, constantly reproducing the emotions, thoughts, behaviors, sensations, and imagery that helped us survive in the past.


While treatment looks different for each client, my treatment foundations remain the same. Using evidence-based methods such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and attachment-based and trauma-informed approaches, I help clients to better understand their thoughts, emotions, sensations, and beliefs relative to their past experiences, ongoing stressors, relationships with others, and relationship with themselves.

Together, we will enact strategies to understand and overcome difficult emotional, cognitive, and relational experiences, clarify and strengthen your relationship with your self, and engage in a life in service to your core values.

Life is about more than just survival. You have the power to live peacefully and authentically.

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