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Meet your Therapist

Michael Germany, LPC-A, NCC, MA

Supervised by Dr. Sunny Lansdale, LPC-S


Let's get started.

What I do:


Hello! I'm Michael, a therapist in Austin, Texas. I provide individual and group therapy, working with clients to greatly enhance their understanding of their relationships and internal experiences and build a lexicon of tools to overcome mental health issues and strengthen wellbeing. My clients often seek help with anxiety, trauma, perfectionism, depression, low self-worth, work stress, relationships, life changes, and identity exploration. My specialty is long-term healing of trauma, persistent anxiety, and self worth issues.

My Ideal Client:

My most successful clients approach therapy with a sense of curiosity and openness. They may be artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, or people just trying to make sense of their lives. Regardless of their background, they usually share two qualities: a willingness to establish a safe, trusting relationship with me and the curiosity to dive into both the experience and knowledge—the process and the content—that are intrinsic to therapeutic work. My approach allows us to foster the trust necessary to dive into that experience and knowledge together.

As a rule, I approach each client with a sense of openness, acceptance, and respect for their goals and values. You can learn more about me here or reach out at (512) 368-8763 or Keep scrolling for more information about my approach to therapy.

The Crossroad Psychotherapy Approach

Beige Modern Business Project Process Flow Graph(4).png

While this process may look linear, it is nonlinear for most clients. Some clients come to therapy ready to jump into the deep end of their inner world and experiences, while others want to foster a meaningful, safe relationship with me as their therapist before diving in. Regardless of where you may be on your therapeutic journey, I will meet you where you are, help you define your needs and goals, and walk with you on the path to attaining those goals.

Counseling and Psychotherapy in Austin, Texas


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