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Stop Anxiety at its Source

You deserve to feel safe in your body, mind, and relationships.

Using proven treatment methods like Internal Family Systems and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, find lasting relief by developing a knowing relationship with your thoughts, emotions, and their effects on your physical body.

If you have found yourself here, you have already embarked on an opportunity to change how you feel for the better.

Let's get started.

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Meet Michael

Michael Germany, LPC-A, NCC, MA

Supervised by Dr. Sunny Lansdale, LPC-S

Get the help you've been looking for.

If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and afraid, ready to solve new or persistent life issues, or longing to develop a compassionate, knowing relationship with yourself, you've come to the right place.

Feel safe in your own skin.

Anxiety and trauma affect similar brain regions in similar ways, teaching you that you are not safe in your body, your relationships, and your life.

With me, you can rewire your nervous system by learning new methods of interacting with your internal experience and develop insight to foster true safety in your body and mind.

You are ready for change.

You arrived here because of your curiosity and willingness to dive in and heal your inner experience. Together, we can turn those irreplaceable assets into lasting relief from the tension, fear, and exhaustion of anxiety and trauma.

Michael Germany Trauma Therapist in Austin

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Counseling and Psychotherapy in Austin, Texas


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